Friday, December 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian Looks

The Kardashians Open a Store in Vegas

and i love her look alot
she is really pretty
i would like to share with you
this pic
that really show her look

and  i had notice that she really love to ware
Leopard Print  dont you think that


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Food organization

i would like to share with u
same of my and my mom ideas
on food organization
my mom love handmade things
every time when i came home 
i just see her beautiful hand make an amazing things
that why i love art
i am so glad that i grow on an art hous
she love to draw or paint on glass peaces
  and she love to
 Recycling like food stuff
to reus them again

don't throw your juice bottles
you can put your pasta in
so uniqe way

do you want good place
to but
your hot sauce
i used this box
from office stuff

don't throw your caffeenate
you can desgin them
and reuse them
we used tem
for our teas bags

the ketchup 
wash them very well
and use them
for oval oil

and one of the best way
for organize your food
is this boxes

hope u like the ideas

My favourite Top Five Style Icons

i love fashion and i love to lean alot about it
because its can describe u alot
and that why i would like
to share with you my
favourite top five style icons

lets get started

lauren cornad

olivia palermo

 kim kardashian

 serena on 

 Blair on gossip-girl

My Mocha recipe

this is one of my favourite mocha recipe
its for 2 person
we will need
Peanut butter
one spoon
nesquik chocolate
chocolate syrup
ice cream chocolate
one spoon

mix all the things together
after that just drink it
belive me so


My experience with dragon express

Today i want to eat something different
that what i chose
dragon expressit's an chinese restaurant

we ordered

sweet & sour chicken
chicken with sichuan

speak only well of people and you need
never whisper
this mine

lauhg and grow fat
loool this was my

i love the fourteen cookie thing
and the food
its was ok
i will give them
from 10:7
this is there facebook account

Monday, December 19, 2011

Myriam Fares looks in her new video clip

its an really so crazy clip
but i will say she remaind me alot of lady GaGa & j lo
but i love Her

she always came with new things
and she so creaivte
this same  
pic of her different looks which are just amazing
love her hair and the make up so fab
and te fashion so Glittery

the video clip


yeah and the songs nemed is

Al Gasayad