Friday, November 30, 2012

Kim Kardashian Styel In Kuwait

What was she ware ?
I love love love her style
like relly she is just so stylish
so I would like to share with you
her fashion style
when she was in Kuwait
Laila M. Hanbali 
The pictuers from
52degreeskw Instgram

Review Caribou Salted Caramel


came up with
Salted Caramel drinks
so I was looking to try it up
قبل فتره نزل آلمشروب آلجديد Salted Caramel 
وآنآ مومن ربع كآريبو
بس قررت آني آجربه
بهآلبوست في آلانوآع
I chose the cold salted caramel
جربت آلنوع آلبآرد

Ididnt like it that much
مآآآحبيته كلش
مع آني آشرب آلSalted Caramel
بس يمكن لانه بآرد
hope u enjoy the post

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kim Kardashian In Kuwait

Welcome to Kuwait

The pictuers from

Interior Spot perfect special pieces To Your House

Interior Spot 
Jaimi Brooks Of Fiore Beauty
from while to while I like to write about
an interior post
from while to while I like to write about
an interior design post
I enjoy the beauty
and the interior design its a big cup of beauty
so enjoy this amazing house
with my tips

Love the rug really amazing
and add some glitter to your house
it's always like you add your own signature
In your home you should find what you really like
and try to put all your special things

 play around with the colors by the flowers
it's will change your mood from time to time
use vintage and glamour word and you
 will have your dream home

the orange is really a special centerpiece
details it make miracles happen
it's one style with different variety of colors
amazing wall art
all the pictuers taken
hope u enjoy the post

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nirosso Arabic Calligraphy Scarfs @ The Klozet

Twitter: @The_Klozet
Instagram: @theklozet

Elle Be Are 2012 Fall Collection

The AD
For more info and for all new designs
BB Pin: 26D2409D
Tel: +974.33580863

Marbel Slab Creamery Soon In Jabriya

Marbel Slab Creamery Soon In Jabriya
آليوم مريت آلجآبرية
ولا آشوووف آنهم بيفتحون Marbel Slab

آستآنست لان مآشآلله كل شي صآر بآلجآبرية

Review: Chicken Royale Festival

 Today I was starving so I went to Burger King
to try the Chicken Royale Fastival
so enjoy the post  
آليوم مريت برجر كنغ
وكنت حدي يوعآنه ولاآشوف هآلاعلان آلي آهوآ عبآره عن تيشكن رويآل بس بنكهآت وصلصآت يديدة
فقلت آشورآي خل آجرب

I choose The American
mmmm it was ok
I didn't like the BBQ sauce it was too much
آميركآن تشيكن رويآل
آمممممم كآنت حلوه بس تآرسينهآ بآربكيو صوص
آممممم حبيتهآآ بس آفضل آلعآدية آكثر
hope u enjoy the post

Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Canvas By Me

I always love exra decaration
like I grew up on this thing of my mother and her love of art
But my studies have helped to hone my talents more
and I realized that I love details
so enjoy

We need
Lace or see it better because I don't know what its called
First paint the canvas
then design  them or do the decoration that u like it the most  
put the glue wait for 4 hours
 details make you more unique
hope u enjoy my post

Kim Kardashian To Kuwait

Kim Kardashian massae to her fans in Kuwait  
زيآره كيم قربت فحبت تشآرك معجبينهآ بهآلفيديو حبيت آلحركة

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review : New Coffee & Hot Chocolate

while I was hanging  in hateen co_op
I saw this new coffee and hot chocolate
and I take from each flavor one to try it
so enjoy 

وآنآ آتمشي بجمعية حطين ولا يشدني هآلشي مع آني مومحبي آلقهوة آو آلهوت شوكولت آلجآهز 
بس شدوووني 
وقلت خل آجربهم بمآ آني حآمل ونآسية آلرجيم من قلب 
فآخترت من كل وآحد حبه

I choose this one 
آخترت هآلنوع 
I didn't like it that much

عن نفسي مآحبيته لانه حيل ثقيل 
بس لمحبي آلنكهة آلقوية آنصحكم فيه 
مآجربت آلا هآلنوع 
ويمكن مع آلحليب يكون آحلا

hope u enjoy the post

Daimanti Second Expo @ Al Tilal


 instagram @Daimanti