Thursday, October 27, 2011

The greatest houses all over the world


Going to Haj this year
I'm so happy because I really need to see Makkah
hpoe to be esay on my and God accepted it

My bages

On Satrday i am goining


Today i decided to cook
Bariany it's an indian food but it's one of the faumis food in kuwait
i do it by my own recipes
and for the first time 

What we need??

Let's began

first i but half of the butter and but the onion on the bowls
after u see the onion give u
crystal color that mean it's done
  u cooking the onion
fry the potatoea like half fry

then but the garlic & the tomatos with the onion
and start but your spaices
i like to but mixed spaices

  after that ading the chicken
that i cooked before by the oven
and start adding the goldish potatoes

adding the tomatoes

and the yourt
mix them well

and if u like to but an boiling egg
i liked to fry it
i like the goldish color

after that you but the butter with safarron

and  the firsy level u but the white raise  

 after that the mixing thing that we didi it

then the third level will be the white raise
fainally i but the fraise egg
on the top

the dish will look so collorfull
and soo yummy

hope u enjoy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cake Time


Today is Friday
and every Friday we have Friday gatharing in my mather house
and every Friday i like to do desert
and last Friday i done that >>

First what we need ??

I mixed them all

 But them on the oven

after that i deserve it with same ice crea,m

and all of my family like my mini cake

sneak peak about me

soon moore

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrity Homes


since i am an  interior designer i have been so curious on what inside the celebrity homes

i love when i see cribs cleb or like that T.V programmes 

and now i will like to but same of celebrity homes 



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

max factor makeup haul

last week i went to center point
and i buy same of max factor cousmatic
and this is my first time that i buy from this brand
but i really adore all the thing that i  buy
and i have been used them the whole week
and i really want to buy many other things

the color is freaking amazaing
so soft
and the lip stick so creamy love it

and they have many colors like

also i buy this new color lip stick
oh my gald it's so amazing and it's still very long time

and this is the whole color
iam thinking to buy them all

and i loved this eye shadaws
it's so amazing love to use them alot
these is the 3 colors that i took 
but there is more lovely colors

and  last but not least
it also eye shadows
but i prefer the on in the top more than those
i buy just 2 colors and there is many colors

i like the silver one more than the goldy orangy one

and this is the ad for the new lip stick 

see u soon