Monday, January 30, 2012

My Favourite Skin Care Mask

So today i will share with you my favourite mask

 I tried the tonic before and the face mask
they are just amazing
love them
they give my face
the shine and the glow
today I found that they have
hair masks and some men masks
and also body masks and creams
so I decided to try some of them
that I  never try them before

but I am Certain that I will love them 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Glitter Glamours Expo

  Luxury Bed in Paris
was my theme
i want evrey thing to  be so elegant & glamour
and its look like that
what do you think ??? 

same pic from
the Expo

just want to thanks my freind ( Joumana) alot


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Series That I really liked The interior Spaces on Them part one

Today I would like to share some pictures for the most T.V show drama serie
 that I really liked and still watch it and I think I will watch
it like forever

First what make me  like to watch Aski Memnu
 (English: Forbidden Love)
is the interior spaces oh my gad the designer really good
and the modern classic
is so me
that the best  part that I really liked
I love the colors and the style
and they always changed the decoration
and make u want to see more


I also should not forget the fashion
was so  stunning .
and the series
was the most crazy  romantic story
and its an real stroy
and the Actor/actress
all of them was amazing
some pictures for the spectacular fashion
or the most that i liked

wait for the second part
and another series 
see u soon

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Chocolateness Booth

Chocolateness launches a totally new service for people’s special occasions. The Chocolateness Booth, where groups can enjoy the best molten cakes and goodies from Chocolateness at their private locations on their favorite times. This moving booth brings to people the taste of happiness, specially when they need to relax from life’s routine and enjoying the joy of life with the beloved persons.
The Chocolateness Booth is ideal for birthdays, parties, wedding events, social gatherings, graduations ceremonies, receptions, corporate gatherings, rehearsals events,  and other special occasions. Plus, it is a great idea to have The Chocolateness Booth at any outdoor events specially with the lovely nice weather.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

mozzarella sandwich in my way...

today i was so hunrey
and i want to try a new recipe
mozzarella sandwich
its really yummy  
and will make me full

we will need

Olive oil
Cheese Mozyrela
Black pepper

so lets et started

first i mixed the 
Black pepper

i teak of te The outskirts of bread
and break them to small pieces
and put them in the oven

i cut the bread to squre shape 
and put the cheese mozyrela and

after that i cut them into traingel shape

then i but it on the flour

after on the mixed eegs

fainally i but the  outskirts of bread on the sandwich

last i just but them on the oil
and thats all

its will look so
golden yummy sandwich