Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recipe Cookie Time

some time I like to make my daughter to help me 
in cooking , diy projects and also cleaning
it always nice to make them share every thing with you 
enjoy the post   

تلقونه بجيآن و كآرفور و بعض آلجمعيآت مثل جمعية آلزهرآء
you can find it in many super market

we will need
Backing try
and oven

I put the back paieper on the try
and open the oven 350 *f

my littel helper  

place my cookies in small doms or balls

bake them from 9 to 15 minutes

until they became golden brown

cold them for 2 to  minutes after that eat them

its really so yummy
hope u enjoy it

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