Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Sweet Recipe

So long time I didn't have a chance to do friday sweet
but today
I had a time to do one
I think I will name it
cake mousse
so let's get started
we will need

Chocolate Galaxy
Chocolate beans
Any kind of ready-made ​​cake
sweetenea condensed milk

آول شي آضع آلcake في آلصحن آو آلقآلب آلي بقدم فيه
وآحآول آضغط علي آلcake
click on the cake

like that

first I mix the cream with
sweetenea condensed milk

and do like a layers
first layer of cake after layers of cream and connected like that

the last layer will be


I will but the chocolate on the microwave until it's melt

after I mix the cream with
sweetened condensed milk
and a little of Nesquik or any kind of Chocolate beans

and do the same


before eat them put them on the fridge to 2 hours

 hope u enjoy it
and try it
really so yummy

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