Monday, January 14, 2013

Steal her Look One of My New Favourite Fashion Blogger

Mix & Match between colors patterns and materials
so me
so I just found this amazing blog
and I really love her scene of fashion
so fabulous
so creative
so funky
I would like to call her smart of the fashion
I really enjoyed her looks
I would like to share it with you
من آخر آلبلوقآت آلي  طحت عليهآ
حده عجبني لعبهآ بآلالوآن وآلنقشآت وآلخآمآت
حيل حسيتهآ قريبة مني
وحيل حبيت ستآيلهآ
وحبيت آشآركم هآلبوست
the blog

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