Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Recycle CD

من آيآم آلكلية كآن عندي وآآآيد CDs
فقعدت آفكر وآفكر ليمآ يتلي هآلفكرة آنشآلله تعجبكم

 Recycle CD in candy cake way 

we will need
Pen or Marker
Wallpaper or any kind of collored papers

First we mark the CD shape on the wallpaper by the marker 

after we cut it
then we paste it on the CD

we put the meagnet

and we put the photo that we want it
and decorate it withsome stickers 
and traaaaaa

you can put it in your Fridge or in your magnet board  

hope u enjoy it

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