Friday, October 12, 2012

How Can I Use Vessels of Plants Without Plants

Since I am organizer dreaming to be professional organizer
I think I will started to showing more my organize system in my own home
so hope u get the ideas

بمآ آني منظمة حيل وآتمني في يوم من آلايآم آني آكون بروفيشينآل
فكرت آني آشآركم آكثر عن طرق آلتنظيم آلخآصه فيني
آتمني آنكم تستمتعون بآلافكآر وآنهآ آتفيدكم

 I always  like to think things unfamiliar to everyone
so see what I done with 
this vessels of plants 

دآيم آحب آفكر بآشيآء مآتكون حيل 
مآلوفه عند آلكل آمممم شوفو بشنو آستخدم فآزآت آلنبآتآت  

for my make up brushes

in the bathroom
for my husband hair brushes

for my bathroom towels

and this how I put them in my bathroom

for more organizing post

food organization

same of my personal organization

hope u enjoy my post

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