Friday, December 7, 2012

Wood Always Make Me Feel Cosy

In your home you need to feel comfortable & cosy
and the wood it's always soothing & convenient for everybody
so in this post Iam gana talk about
so enjoy the post

There is 4 kinds of woods

I love to use oak wood as wall art with white & different
value of beige colour it's really so
balsa & white always remaind me of nutural
 how amazing this cola box
small touches can make a big
so try to but some wood box in your living room
and try to use it as a magazine holder
is that amazing or what
mix different kind of wood
will give you an amazing room

monochrome with balsa wood just will make the room
look more fabulous

Love the old wooden texture of the table
it just superb

pictures sources
This woman really inspire me alot
in my littel home
so here is some pictuers of my own space

I just use some simpel wooden stuff
but I really like them
hope u enjoy my post
please do not take my pictuers without my

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