Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best Blog آفضل مدونة

This prize has been kindly granted by the blog http://lacasettaincantata.blogspot.it
join her blog, you will find many interesting ideas
so thank u a lot 

قبل آيآم وصلني هآلايميل 
آن بلوقي له متآبعين من آيطآليآ 
آهم شي بلوقي وصل آلعآلمية
آلصرآحه حيل آستآنست 
لان بآلكويت موحيل مقدريني بتكلم بصرآحه 
وهدي موآول مره آشوف آن آسم بلوقي بره آلكويت 
بس آلحلو آني قآعده آوصل آسم آلكويت حق نآس مآيعرفونهآ 
آلمهم فشيت خلقي علي قولت آخوآنآ آلبنآنيين 

The rules for receiving this award are as follows:
1. Appoint and thank the person who gave it to you granted, and you a member of his blog. 
2. Respond to eleven questions. 
3. Grant the award to 11 blogs that you like
4. Make 11 new applications for the award-winning blog. 
5. Inform each of the award winning blog. 
6. Visit the blog along with your winning. 
7.  avoid sending the prize to those who awarded you.

so lets start 
 Make a description of you and your blog.
I am 23 old , a wife , a mother and interior designer & professional organizer & party planner 
I am interested on latest trends on
interior design and decoration ,fashion , makeup , photography , scrap booking , crafts and food
always love to find new things on Kuwait that I am interested on 
 and write about them
I love to enjoy every day in my life
.this is me 

What inspired you to open the blog?
it a movie Julie  & Juliet 
 and since 2000 I was member on Kuwait 25 
and I really find my self on blogging world 

What is the theme of the blog that you like?
life style blog are my favorite 

What goals you want to achieve with your blog? 
I would like to be more professional and I would like to see some  appreciation

Having your own blog, you have changed in any way?
  & yes I become more patience 
also I really find a new friends that we share same ideas 

What advice would you give to those who want to start their own blog?
think about what u like don't copy others & be your self 

A dream that you wish will happen and seems far away?
to have my own bussnise and became famous as interior designer 

What kind of books you like to read?
interior designs & fashion books 

Describe your perfect day.

breakfast out with my favorite friend shopping 2 hour lunch with my baby's and dinner on the sea with my hobby 
Sea or mountain, summer or winter?
 sea & winter Love the sea it make me think deeply about my self
and winter because I love to wear winter clothes 

My Blog awards:


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