Saturday, June 8, 2013

Purpura Fashion Event by Nouf آفتتآح محل بوربرآ فآشن وآلآيفينت من آلمبدعة نوف

Purpura Fashion is the name of a fashion boutique started by sisters, where they will sell their designs as well as stock dazzling accessories designed by others. The fashion illustration depicts the sisters and purpura, Spanish for purple, is a color they are drawn to. 

The event:
It's the last Pretty Little Things event until September.
It's all about fashion, glamour and ageless style.
Rose petals, fragrantly beckoning our attention their way.
A tall cherry blossom tree, shedding flowers gently in the breeze.

The kind of beauty that gets admiring gazes, setting hearts a flutter.

Enter our beautiful world
Monday June 10

Al Ghawalli Mall, Sharq
Across Arraya Mall


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